What Am I Doing?

What Am I Doing?

The blinking dash of the cursor is mocking me with every tick as I decide my first words to write in a blog post.


You see, this is not my first blog post or my first website. Out of college in 2019, I wrote on a blog that was shared with about 10 friends so we could update each other on a daily basis of what we were doing since we couldn’t see each other as easy as we could in school. We loved it and so did our moms. That was the extent of our fan base.


Years go by and friends fall off of the blog whether it be stressful jobs, getting married, having babies so we decide to call it quits. However, the blogging bug hit me and I created my own, Breezy Cheetah Pop. To this day, I still have no idea what the meaning behind this name is other than, I love cheetah print.











My blog was successful in my eyes with about 2,000 readers a month. In the eyes of businesses looking for influencers, I wasn’t big enough. For about 4 years during the ‘blog boom’, I wrote about crafting, home decor, fashion, etc. a consistently 5 days a week. My job at the time was not creative at all so this little outlet was all I needed to make me feel satisfied. I had a few bouts of success like businesses sending me products to try and write about and the search engine, BING, asking me to ship some chairs I crafted to a conference I was attending but I never made it big blogging like the people I followed. I was still happy as a clam writing whatever I wanted on a daily basis. Looking back, some of my posts were so weird but so cool to me at the time. If I liked my outfit that day, I would take 20 photos with my auto countdown on my phone camera running back and forth across the room until I got the perfect shot to display my look. Hilarious.


In 2013, I decided I wanted to be more creative and enrolled in our local technical college for Digital Arts. For 3 years, I traveled nightly after work to Conway (during 5:00 PM traffic on HWY 501- yuck) and back during the week. Between working full time, homework and class, blogging fell to the side. It became an obligation instead of a passion so I knew, it was a matter of time until my next hobby struck me.




School was wonderful and I nerdily loved every minute. I got straight A’s because I wanted so desperately to use the skills I was learning for a future job. Which I did! I am happy to say, I use the Adobe Suite everyday. With my new found skill, I started working on little projects here and there for people. (I would like to send out a mass apology for any work you got from me then. It’s amazing how even 6 years can improve your design work.)


And then, my friend Erin, got engaged. I was excited and honored to be in her wedding and little did I know how much her wedding would change my future. She purchased an online calligraphy class and got a starter kit and asked if we could watch it together so we could address her wedding invitations. We watched, we wrote and we knew that night, she needed to print them herself. Our handwriting was awful!!




While she was busy wedding planning, I played with the pen a little more. Playing became practicing and practicing got me jobs! I was shocked when someone wanted me to do their wedding invitations after I had posted 1 photo to Instagram. (Again, blanket statement out to all those brides my first year – call me and I’ll write out your wedding vows for free!!!)




Just like the blog bug and graphic design bug… I had gotten the calligraphy bug. Pointed pen calligraphy turned into lettering and by posting images of these on Instagram, people started inquiring about classes. At this point, I’ve probably taught about 200 people calligraphy. This is SO cool thinking about how many people really wanted to learn. My first class, I was so nervous, I stumbled and stuttered through a lesson that I really should have not taught in the first place. My nibs fell out of the pens because I ordered them from a different company and I didn’t realize what it would be like to have 8 interested people looking at you to what to do next. It went well in the end and I taught a class every other month for a few years. You see, people ask how you get better at it and its ALL PRACTICE. Fortunately, my practice was jobs so while I was filling out your wedding addresses, I was secretly perfecting my “L’s” and spacing patterns. Win. Win.




After a few years of calligraphy, my natural progression turned into, “Hey, can you do our wedding invitations, too?” Which is super awesome and super scary. I started out doing digital files for people who had a printer in their hometown. Then I started searching around myself for printers that could help me but I realized selfishly that I’m not their only client and they have many more projects than mine. In an effort to be as efficient for my customers as I could, I asked the question, why can’t I do this myself?


So now, here I am. Designer, calligrapher, printer… at your service. I only print on luxe 100% cotton stock. I only use heavy envelopes that take calligraphy ink well. I work with awesome vendors for letterpress, foil printing, wax seals, etc. At the end of March, I got married to the guy of my dreams (ugh, mushy… but he is!) and being a bride, I know exactly the kind of stationery I wanted but I didn’t want to have to get a second job to afford. So, that is where all of my research went into. What is an awesome product but won’t bankrupt my wedding budget. I hope I have come up with simple pricing and Luxe Add-Ons to get your guests excited for your big day.


So to bring it home, I am occasionally blogging again. My updated website will help you order wedding invitations, inquire about calligraphy and custom work and also, learn some tips along the way. I am excited and pumped to jump on the online wedding invitation game and love ANY feedback you have as you peruse the site. I’m here to make it as fun and stress-free as possible. xoxoxo



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