Sprinkle Packaging

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About This Project

Tasked with designing a package for any product, my mind immediately went to baking goods since I love baking desserts of any kind. What is more fun and friendly than a sprinkle?

With a recent attention to food dyes, I wanted to create a design for a sprinkle without artificial dyes hence, the “All-Natural Sprinkle”. Hey Moms- this really does exist at Williams Sonoma! For the box, I wanted to keep away for the appropriate idea of sprinkles with bright colors and childlike images but rather go a more bohemian, clean vibe.

For the individual sprinkle containers, I die-cut out sprinkles so you see into the actual candies along with fun sayings to keep it light like “Sprinkled with Greatness” and “Sprinkled with Love”. Now, all you need is a cupcake!

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Sprinkle Packaging Design